HP 2-Stroke Oil

Husqvarna HP 2-stroke oil is formulated to work well with low-quality fuels. The additives are of the highest quality and are especially chosen to lessen deposits in the crankcase which can arise from using low-quality fuel. The oil is designed to suit the entire 2-stroke product range – from the smallest trimmer used all day up to the biggest chainsaw used for heavy felling and limbing in extremely hot or cold conditions.

$19.95$275.00 Rec. retail price incl GST


Always the right dosage

The transportation pipe is located on the inside, prevents over dosage. The cup is located closer to the filling side, which gives improved pouring.

Crown logo

The cap has the Husqvarna crown improve prevention against copy cats.

 Style and sizes
Semisynthetic Yes
Volume on oil fuel & Grease0.1L 1L

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