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Razorback Products

The entry level Razorback CM1401H is a 14 horsepower, horizontal shaft Honda GX390 engine that has a chain driven overhead cam shaft. It is a two Wheel Drive unit that has all the features associated with the F1 platform, including shaft drive deck, high & low ratio gearbox, the complete safety system including drum brake and hydrostatic drive train that can be hand or foot operated.

This is the entry level 4WD unit, the CMX1402H that again runs the complete F1 package including the mechanical drive train to the front of the mower. The sharing of the resources based around this platform has allowed us to deliver a true mechanical 4WD mower, complete with a shaft driven deck, with all the safety and comfort features. This now means that acreage owners can have the same feature set as the commercial contractor, with safety and comfort at a remarkable price point.

The CMX1808 4WD Razorback has all the features you’d want on any all terrain mower. At the heart of the Razorback 4WD transmission is a mechanical drive shaft that runs from the rear diff to the front axle which drives the front planetary hubs, giving you the ultimate torque at the front of the mower – similar to a conventional off road 4WD vehicle. This puts the power where you need it on steep slopes, and assists with steering in extreme conditions. The positive diff-lock increases the traction in challenging climbing conditions.

The CMX2302 is the ultimate extreme terrain mower! With the extra horsepower and ground clearance, the impossible can now be reached with this model. Ever thought you could change a set of blades without tools? Not only can you do this, but the deck sides open, making maintenance a breeze. Make yourself comfortable and take control of your scrub with the adjustable steering column and low seat position. This 4WD brushcutter is built for our harsh Australian conditions. See it to believe what it is really capable of!

Stocked Brands

  • Brigs and Straton
  • Cromlins
  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • Kohler
  • Masport
  • Razor Back
  • Rover
  • Shindaiwa
  • Subaru
  • Victa
  • Walker