How Does Automower® Anti-Theft System Work?

How Does Automower® Anti-Theft System Work?

One of the most common questions that Husqvarna dealers get regarding Automower® is what kind of anti-theft features it has. After all, a robotic mower is a large investment, and the very purpose of it is to operate essentially unsupervised.

Automower® anti-theft system features a number of features that, when combined, reduces the chance of theft. Here’s a look at those features and how they work.

Personal PIN Code

Every Automower® comes with a unique PIN code that must be inputted in order to operate the mower. Failure to input the correct PIN code when prompted will result in the audible alarm going off. In order to deactivate the alarm the pin code must be entered via the keypad. The mower can be programmed to prompt owners to enter the PIN code each time the hatch is opened or after a specific time period.


If someone tries to stop your Automower®, or pick it up, it will request your PIN code. If it is not correctly inputted, then the audible alarm will go off. The audible alarm is very loud, and will deter most would-be thieves, as it can only be deactivated by inputting the correct PIN code. Additionally, through the Husqvarna Connect app, you can set up a geofence protection area, and should the mower be taken from this area, the alarm will sound until the PIN code is correctly entered.

Charging Station

In order to work in the installation, the Automower® needs to be paired to its charging station. If the mower is taken to another charging station it will not work until it has been paired with that particular charging station.

GPS Recovery

Many Automower® models have GPS tracking available with the Automower® Connect kit accessory. GPS tracking works through the Husqvarna Connect app, and allows you to see precisely where your Automower® is located. If the Automower® is taken GPS theft tracking will be automatically invoked, enabling the owner to track the whereabouts of the mower for up to twelve hours and this information can be quickly and easily be passed onto the police.


With the PIN code, alarm, charging station pairing and GPS theft tracking abilities the Automower® is a very secure device to counter any possible theft or tampering. However should your Automower® go missing, and you report it as stolen, its personal electronic ID is sent to every dealer and it is essentially placed on a “blacklist”. That means that should someone bring in an Automower® with a blacklisted electronic ID, the dealer will immediately receive a notification, call the authorities and hold the item until the issue is resolved so that it can go back to its rightful home.

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